Data Science

Machine Learning - Parameter Tuning

In this Video I will show you how you can easily tune the crap out of your model… using python and scikit-learn. 

The model we will be using in this video is again the model from the Video about sentiment analysis.. but slightly changed…. so if you haven’t watched the video yet…now would be a good time to go for it!

Overfitting and how to avoid it

What is overfitting?

In machine learning you’re usually trying to predict outcomes for values that you’ve never seen before based on training data that you have seen and know about. 

So overfitting is basically when your model is trained so specific on the training dataset that predictions are bad for data that the model has never seen before.

Teaser Image for sentiment analysis part 1

Deutsche Version: Sentiment Analyse mit Python

This Video shows how to implement a basic sentiment analysis with python. Sentiment analysis is a machine learining algorithm to analyse the mood of something. In this Video we will use it to predict whether a review is positive or negative.